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Beyond The Deep


​​This project is an attempt at bringing VR into the world of education. As a modern piece of technology, it has a wide range of possible uses and I feel that the majority of things I have seen created for it has had an entertainment-focused approach. However, I felt that the technology could be used for far more than that and would work very well in aiding younger people to learn. It has been proven that learning something is far easier when the material is taught in an entertaining way so the aim was to create a project that would engage the user in an immersive VR world which would then have the user engaged to learn about the world they had just experienced by referring to the encyclopedia that goes in to great detail about the environment and the creatures living within it. 


The development of this project started with extensive research into the living creatures of this world, be it microorganisms, deep-sea species, and even plant-based lives, zoology, and different environments. This research led me to develop and design creatures by hand, and then using Cinema 4D to model and render these creatures to life. Texturing and colouring for each creature and how each would fit into the environment and their place within it, are carefully considered. The trailer mimics the way the VR allows the audience to experience the world: getting up and close to the creatures, discovering them first hand and even hearing the unique soundscape within the environment. The VR experience itself has been designed in the Unreal 4 engine to ensure an individual experience for each user. 

Trailer for 'Beyond The Deep' VR Experience

Images of creatures from 'Beyond The Deep'

'Beyond The Deep' encyclopedia that goes into detail about the enviroment and the ecosystem that thrives within it. 

Project exhibited at the CSM Degree Show 2018.

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