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This stop motion title animation marks our first collaboration with UKTV - the iconic British multi-channel broadcaster. 

UKTV has developed a new Purpose and Mission Statement which sets them apart in the industry. They are big believers of TV with personality, and this title animation perfectly reflects that. 

As we begin to face in to a new world and a new way of working, UKTV have established their Purpose - to bring programmes that are hand-picked for their quality and available on any device – all crafted by fans, for fans. TV with personality. This video tells that story through animation that is creatively striking and visually captivating – with an element of hand-made craft. 

When UKTV's talented Design Director, Peter Allinson, shared a script and some early ideas - we went on to source and treat a vast amount of images to bring to life their company Purpose. Once the style frames and designs were approved, we began animating the images and text in After Effects - adding rich textures and various hand-made effects along the way. To complete the animation, we exported it at a reduced frame rate in order to achieve a stop motion aesthetic.

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